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John Lennon pictured with his son Sean Lennon

Extra Webistes

If you still want to learn more about the Beatles and John Lennon, check out some of these webistes: (This is the main Beatles website where you can check out some clips of the Beatles, history of the Beatles, and even buy Beatles merchendise! A must see!) (This is one of the most fantastic websites I have ever been on. This site has a biography, videos, pictures, a store (etc). Anything that you would ever want to find about John Lennon would be on this website.) (This website has a full biography of John Lennon and a timeline of his life and things from the Beatles to help people understand what order things happened in. Check it out! It could be very surprising!) (This website has many different quotes that John Lennon said that are very inspirational still today.)
Also make sure to check out some of the websites of the sources I posted underneath each page! They have good information too.